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How Cryptocurrency Can Be Used in Real Life

How Cryptocurrency Can Be Used in Real Life

Real life use of cryptocurrency which will be the future & will be used by all over the world.

Cryptocurrency is taking over almost every industry whether we realize that or not. Its exponential growth over the years people opt for crypto as an alternative currency. There are several hundred cryptocurrencies and are all listed on Coinmarketcap with the number increasing steadily every day.

Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they have umpteen uses, each exciting than the next. Most people don't even know any cryptocurrencies real-world applications. In fact, it comes as a surprise to most people that there are in fact multiple uses for cryptocurrency in everyday life. Not just that, applying cryptocurrency for everyday use also lets users reap multiple benefits

There are a lot of industries that have already started transacting using cryptocurrency. Here's taking a look at some of the numerous examples:

1- Travel Industry

There are so many ways you can use cryptocurrencies and each use case may come as a surprise to you. Surprising because you don't expect to be able to use your coins like that. Travel is one such industry wherein cryptocurrency payments are being integrated. is an example of exactly that.

The company has been accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment when it comes to purchasing flights, hotels, car rentals and cruises since 2013! So, if you want to go on a tour, you can do your traveling around the world with the help of your Bitcoins.

2- Real estate

Yes! You can even buy a house using your cryptocurrency! And blockchain is what made it possible. is the world’s first international real estate that accepts cryptocurrency as payment to enable you to buy property.

Many companies have now made cryptocurrency payments a reality for buying property. The first international site which has made this possible is, they allow users to purchase properties using cryptocurrency.

As per the sources, Multiple transactions have already made here including the purchase of some spectacular villas in Indonesia worth 1000 BTC in 2014, 3 acres of land in Paradise Bay and 157,000 BTC home in Vegas.

3- Education

This one is sure to take you by surprise. Education institutions are also accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment! gives you a list of universities in Switzerland, Cyprus, the United States, and Germany too as they now accept Bitcoin payments.

The University of Nicosia which is in Cyprus is the first accredited university in history to accept cryptocurrency for not just tuition but also for any other fees that they may need to pay through Bitpay.

It is great to see that this form of payment is increasing because of its increase in popularity and also since a lot of people now find it easier and convenient to use.

4- Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants are also a part of this entire escapade. One of the first known bitcoin transactions happened over food, with someone using their coins to buy themselves some pizza.

Subway, a very popular brand in the fast food industry, has now started accepting cryptocurrency as one of the payment options. Pizzaforcoins is a company that accepts crypto payments and in fact, accept around 50 types of crypto coins making it super-convenient for consumers.

5- De Corrupting Charities

Most people want to do charity, people want to help each other out. But the extensive corruption in charities has deterring loads of well-wishers from a part of it. And if the well-wishers stop donating funds then the ones who actually need and deserve them will also be stopped

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency help to solve this entire problem. It can be used to deter corruption as well as prevent fund leaks that occur within charities. The World Food Program (WFP) has already begun and made an attempt to use blockchain to give cash assistance to the hungry. This cryptocurrency practical use case helps in bringing a positive change in society.

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