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Tips on Preparing for Your Roof Installation in Waltham MA

Tips on Preparing for Your Roof Installation in Waltham MA

Preparing for your roof installation in Waltham MA requires you to keep several things in mind, including your budget...

Preparing for your roof installation in Waltham MA requires you to keep several things in mind, including your budget, the time of year, and whether or not you plan on hiring someone to help with the installation process. By taking care of all these details ahead of time, you’ll ensure that your roofing project goes smoothly and that you have an amazing new look for your home in no time! Here are some helpful tips on preparing for your roof installation in Waltham MA.

Finding Contractors

Finding a contractor can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these tips to find quality contractors and avoid bait-and-switch schemes: Always ask for references and make sure they check out. Talk to your friends, family, or anyone you know who might have experience with a contractor – or at least had a positive or negative experience. Research online reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Thumbtack and more.

When you find a company you like, don’t just stop there. Check out their website and do some research to learn more about them. Do they have a good reputation? What projects have they worked on? How long have they been in business? Use what you learn to decide whether or not you want to hire them. While reviews will give you an idea of whether people had a positive experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will—so read carefully! Also make sure to ask questions if something seems off; contractors should be willing to answer any questions you might have. If they seem evasive or unwilling to answer your questions, consider looking elsewhere.

Selecting Materials

When choosing a roofing material, you’ll want to consider your location and use of your home. If you live in an area with snowfall or high winds, metal roofing might be a good option as it is durable and can handle harsh weather conditions. There are three main types of metal: rolled steel, standing seam (the most common) and metal shingles.

If you live in an area with mild temperatures and little to no snowfall, consider asphalt shingles. These are relatively inexpensive compared to other materials, making them an ideal choice for both new construction and replacement roofs. While they may need to be replaced more often than other materials, they can still last between 10-20 years depending on how much wear and tear your roof experiences.

Wood shingles and shakes are another popular option, as they offer a natural look with varied colors. As a natural material, you may need to replace them more often—especially if you live in an area with heavy winds or snowfall. If you choose wood, be sure to select products that have been treated with chemicals. This will ensure your roof lasts longer and doesn’t pose a safety hazard in case of fire.

Saving Money Through Energy Efficiency

It is common knowledge that paying attention to your home’s energy efficiency can save you money. A standard roof replacement can be fairly expensive, but by taking steps to increase your home’s insulation, you can offset some of those costs. 

Energy efficiency factors include insulation, air sealing, and adding a radiant barrier. A radiant barrier is a reflective material that can be applied to your attic’s ceiling or walls. It reflects heat back down into your home during cold months and prevents it from escaping during warm months. If you are considering installing a new roof in Waltham MA, talk to your contractor about adding a radiant barrier as part of your roof installation process.

Installing a radiant barrier is another easy way to make your home more energy efficient. And, if you plan to replace your roof soon, adding a radiant barrier during installation can lower costs by saving you money on future utility bills. Ultimately focusing on energy efficiency will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. So don’t overlook these important factors when preparing for your new roof installation in Waltham MA.

Managing Costs

Even if you choose to do it yourself, there are still ways to cut down on costs. Buying materials directly from a manufacturer (instead of a middleman supplier) can save you money. But don’t skimp out by going with lower-quality materials—always opt for high-grade shingles and avoid easy-to-spot weaknesses like cracked or misshapen slates and tiles.

Also, consider waiting to have your roof installed until you know exactly what material you’ll need. Trying to guess at how much of a particular product you’ll need is a tricky business. Buying more than you need will cost extra, and buying less than you need can be equally expensive if it means having to buy more down the line—or paying someone else to come out and finish your work.

The average homeowner spends about $8,691 to install a new roof. Prices can vary depending on your location and some additional factors. Also keep in mind that these are estimates, and it’s always possible you could end up spending more or less than that.

Protecting Your Investment

Before your roof installation takes place, you’ll want to make sure your home is properly prepared. While most contractors will take care of things like removing debris and gutters, it helps to do a bit of prep work ahead of time. For instance, clearing out rain gutters and cleaning up debris around your home can make a big difference in how smoothly your installation goes.

Also, remember that working with professionals doesn’t just mean your roofing contractor. While it may be tempting to try and save money by buying your own materials, it could backfire if you don’t know how to properly install them. For example, if you buy shingles but don’t have experience installing them, there’s a chance they won’t go on right or will need repairs later down the line. It's always recommended to hire a professional installer to do all of your work so you can rest easy knowing everything is done correctly. In addition to doing some prep work before installation day arrives, make sure you talk with your contractor about what might happen during installation.

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